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How to Read the Gazette Online

For Gazettes published in the past 2 months, go to Recent Publications which is under the Gazette tab, to find the edition you need. Please note that in order to read the recently published gazettes you would need to subscribe to the website.* For Gazettes older than 2 months, go to the Archives section under the Gazette tab then navigate to the date range where the gazette you require is located. Please note that in order to read the Liquidation and Other notices in Gazettes published more than two months ago, you will need to purchase an electronic subscription.*

* For more information on subscriptions. 

Presently, our on-line archives date from October 5, 2006. We are endeavoring to expand our archives in the near future.

You will need Acrobat Reader to access the files that are posted online.


How to Search the Gazette Online

You can search Gazettes which have been posted on-line by using our search feature, found on the top right corner of the website. 

Tip: You can also search for gazettes on the Recent Gazette and Archives pages. Note that you must be logged in to see and excecute searches on the website.  

 How to Subscribe

There are two types of Online Gazette subscriptions.

Basic subscriptions are free, and enable users to access Gazettes in their entirety for two months after publication. Following that, basic subscribers will have access to Government and Statutory portions of the Online Gazette.

You can obtain a basic subscription by registering as a user of the website. You will need to provide your e-mail address, name, and a password.

Enhanced subscriptions are $500 per year and provide complete access to the Online Gazette. In addition, subscribers will receive an e-mail alert whenever a new edition of the Gazette is available online.

You can obtain an enhanced subscription by first registering as a user and then upgrading your subscription via the paid subscription tab. Payment will be on-line through, our authorized retailer, and may be made using a major credit card. If you prefer, you can also request your enhanced subscription by writing the the Gazette Office and enclosing your payment by cheque.